ISO 26000
In 2010, Zoontjens produced a transparent report reflecting the company’s social responsibility in accordance with the worldwide ISO 26000 guideline. The guideline contains internationally agreed definitions, principles and core themes in respect of CSR, and is the ‘users’ manual’ for the implementation of CSR. The ISO 26000 guideline is non-certifiable, and its application is entirely voluntary.

With that in mind, in 2012, Zoontjens took part in the 'Tilburg SME to CSR’ programme, undertaken by BMD Advies Zuid-Nederland. This consultancy firm analysed Zoontjens in respect of six core areas from the international ISO 26000 guideline:
1. Sound governance
2. Human rights
3. Working conditions
4. Environment
5. Honest business practice
6. Consumer issues (not applicable to Zoontjens)
7. Social responsibility and development

Zoontjens was assessed as being a proactive business in all core areas affecting the company. 

Climate statement
In terms of climate change, our aim is to adapt, prevent further change and make use of all new opportunities that arise. With this in mind, we signed the climate statement issued by the Municipality of Tilburg. This reflects our responsibility in becoming CO2-neutral and climate-proof, in collaboration with other Tilburg-based businesses.