Vision and strategy

Leader in functional, sustainable and aesthetic rooftop solutions
More than one hundred years of working in the construction sector has generated a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience for Zoontjens. Continuous research and innovation have led to the development of high-quality roof paving systems. As a consequence, Zoontjens has become a leader in roof design for all types of flat roofs. As an internationally operating business offering rooftop solutions for parking, residential and leisure use, Zoontjens developed a strategic vision several years ago, for the roofs of the future. Zoontjens aims to expand its leading position in Europe to become the expert in functional, sustainable and aesthetic total solutions for rooftop applications.

The expert in specialist and custom-made roof solutions
Zoontjens is often brought in during the design phase of a project in order to be able to respond to the specific wishes of the architect. At the request of the architect, for example, unique colour samples, coatings and slab formats are produced to create the final intended design. Based on a clear sense of innovation, every conceivable technical rooftop solution or custom-made detail can be produced.

One-stop shop
Zoontjens acts as a contractor for specialist roofing projects. As well as supervising the design phase, we also take responsibility for the planning, delivery, installation, maintenance and guarantee of rooftop solutions. We take on full responsibility for execution of the work, on behalf of our client. Every project is accurately drawn, planned and harmonised with production, prior to execution. Because we collaborate with a regular group of nationally and internationally certified subcontractors and takes responsibility for project supervision, we are able to ensure optimum deployment of the expertise established over the years. Zoontjens strives to deliver the highest service and quality on all fronts.

Freedom of Design
Freedom of design is central to our ethos. In principle, to meet your wishes, a full range of materials, colours, formats and patterns can be laid on any roof. One magnificent example is the mega shopping centre in Montpellier, France. Also unique are the designs produced specially for Zoontjens by the renowned designer Baukje Trenning. By introducing a special structure and rhythm to concrete, she produced the remarkable patterns that feature in the DreenDesign® line.

The construction sector is hard at work delivering more sustainable buildings, homes and infrastructure elements. According to experts, in the future, roofs will play an ever-greater role in the sustainability of buildings and the living environment. Roofs are not only essential to make buildings waterproof and liveable, but also contribute to solving problems facing the environment and climate, certainly given the massive area they represent, in relation to increasingly scarce land availability. Compliance with the company’s vision is approached from various angles, including the in-house development of Dreen®NatureGreen environmental slabs. For Zoontjens, sustainability is key. Against that background, we are constantly hard at work making our processes and systems more sustainable. In the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Zoontjens has developed a specific policy that ties in with the core areas from the worldwide CRS guideline ISO 26000.