Would you like to get away from the hustle and bustle, without leaving the city? Get up on the roof! Everything is better when experienced up a height. Enjoy a drink and the view. Enjoy the sunset from a different perspective.

This has been quite popular in Asia and America for some time and now more and more hotels, restaurants and other hospitality establishments in Europe are discovering the roof as well. Not surprisingly, as this offers an extra dimension for customers and visitors. Something we have known for a long time, working on roofs every day. We go to places where only a few people have been. Fortunately, we make these roofs accessible with our products, enabling more people to enjoy the view, the extra space and the amazing sensation of experiencing one’s environment from an elevated position.

When fitting out the roofs of restaurants or pubs, it is important that the load on the roof is taken into account. How many people, bars, tables, chairs, parasols will be on the roof? Low-maintenance is another aspect that plays a role. Easy to clean and easy access to the substructure.

Rooftop bars give everyone a positive vibe

Jaap van Ham
Owner of Doloris rooftop bar in Tilburg, the Netherlands