Renovation of rooftop parking facilities

Many buildings and shopping centres in Europe are renovated to modernise them and make them more sustainable. Choosing materials and systems that can be applied flexibly guarantees that companies can continue their business uninterrupted as much as possible.

When renovating, it is important that the installation time is short and that there is as little inconvenience as possible for users.

Phased renovation of rooftop parking facilities
The Zoontjens Pardak® system is a perfect answer to these requirements. Installing prefab roof slabs takes much less time than pouring concrete or asphalt in-situ. Once they have been tensioned, Pardak® slabs can be driven on immediately. This enables the renovated part to be put back into use immediately. The system can be laid in phases so that some areas remain accessible at all times. This does away with the need for having to close the entire rooftop car park during renovation.

Independent of the weather conditions
The method used to install the Pardak® system can be carried out in all weather conditions. This reduces the total implementation time and prevents work from taking longer than planned. Being able to work in all weather conditions also saves time and costs.

Depending on the situation, rooftop parking renovation projects can be carried out with either the Pardak®80 or the Pardak®110 system.