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Less space, expensive land and more greenery around your building. Where should you park? Use the higher grounds! Rooftop car parking is becoming more and more popular. It radiates peace and space around the building and you offer added value to your customers, you always park nearby.

The added value of rooftop parking for shopping centres has been clearly demonstrated. By creating a rooftop car park and a second entrance for visitors on the roof, stores on the first and second floor can enjoy the same footfall as stores on the ground floor. This makes the letting of shop space on upper floors more attractive. All the more reason to start using the roof.

Years of experience and expertise have demonstrated how the removable Pardak® system offers advantages to tenants and shoppers. Its properties and advantages make it a positive investment for both the short and long term:

  • Secure and attractive rooftop parking for intensive use with many parking movements and a long service life
  • Self-draining surfaces without cross-falls to prevent puddles forming
  • Rapid installation – up to 1000 m² per week – irrespective of weather conditions
  • Extensive range of accessories, including lighting and street furniture
  • Suitable for a wide range of new-build and redevelopment projects

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Zoontjens is dedicated to providing rooftop paving solutions for both vehicle and pedestrian applications.

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