World Green Roof Day | Combine more on the roof

World Green Roof Day on June 6! A day that pays extra attention to green roofs and the benefits they bring to our world. Wonderful! The roof space offers so many possibilities for us to enrich and improve our environment using green and multi-functional roof solutions.

Climate targets, urbanisation, circular economy, modern working practices, healthy buildings. All subjects that receive a lot of attention, because something has to change to make our cities futureproof. The sooner the better. And the roof can contribute!

Green roofs
We have seen the rise of green roofs for years. Not surprisingly, because green roofs contribute to air purification, reduce heat stress in cities and help with water retention and biodiversity. But more is changing in the city. The population is growing rapidly and there is an increasing demand for housing. And although we are living closer together, loneliness is increasing. Moreover, the needs for the living environment are changing. An entirely green roof is no longer enough.

Multifunctional roofs
The use of a roof is much broader. Improving biodiversity, climate adaptation through water storage and reuse, and creating new living space. It is all possible on a roof. By making the roofs multifunctional. On multifunctional roofs, several specialisms come together: paving is combined with planting, furniture, lighting, water retention systems and solar panels. For example, a roof garden cannot do without a terrace or walkway. Moreover, given the limited space in cities, the utility roof is becoming increasingly important. A roof where people can enjoy the greenery, but can also live, play sports and meet each other.

And if the roof is used in a multifunctional way, it is even better to do this in a circular way. Not only the building itself can be designed or built in a circular way. The outdoor areas on the roof should also be included. The great advantage of Zoontjens’ roof systems, for example, is their modularity. Installing, detaching, replacing or reusing. It is always possible! The systems are dismountable and remountable. And because the tiles are so dimensionally stable, they can be incorporated into new installation plans and projects without any reworking or measuring. That makes it very suitable for circular construction.

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Installing, detaching, replacing or reusing. It is always possible!

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