Heavy goods traffic

Rooftop parking is becoming increasingly popular, not least because space is at a premium in urban environments. This applies not only to passenger vehicles; demand is also constantly growing for the development of (thermally-insulated) rooftop parking and (non thermally-insulated) parking levels for heavy goods traffic.

This demand is becoming more of an issue with the numerous examples of damage due to the incorrect use of such roofs (e.g. with excessive wheel loads on unsuitable roof structures). The solution for rooftop parking for HGV traffic is now available in the form of 4 m² concrete slabs laid on a thin bedding layer of natural crushed stone, called Pardak®XL.

Roof coverings from Zoontjens have for years consisted of parking roof slabs laid onto preformed mats of fibrous rubber. These systems are ideal for passenger vehicles with a maximum weight of 3.5 kN. With larger parking levels and roofs, demand is also growing to allow heavy goods traffic, for example for logistic reasons, to supply the stores or nearby business spaces. Other possible users include removal vans, ambulances and fire engines.


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