In our experience, we know that the roof space can be a multi-functional space. We never cease to think about the opportunities offered by this often forgotten area. We think about space utilisation, commercial return. Project delivery and community benefits. We have noticed too, within our discussions, that you too, have recognised the potential here. And now, with our joint insight, we are seeing the roof space becoming an integral feature of our landscape, with benefits to all involved.

Sustainably built environment

The possibilities up there are endless. We have delivered a myriad of roof solutions.  Roofs with attenuation capacities for sustainable drainage systems (SUDs), living rooftop landscapes with significant bio-diversity benefits, energy roofs to create stand alone power sources and social

living roofs to provide space away from modern frenetic lifestyles, re-connecting and being part of a community. Whatever the desired outcome for a roof, we are the developers favourite choice to help deliver this.

Use the roof

It doesn’t matter how the roof is used, what matters is that it is put to use effectively. From a simple roof garden to parking spaces, from a small terrace to a social meeting area: we’re your partner. It’s our higher ground.