The possibilities on roofs are endless. Sometimes we play a leading role, and sometimes a supporting role. It all depends on what is to happen on the roof in question. But we are always first choise for rooftop paving solutions.


You’ll agree with us that planting vegetation in a rooftop garden is very different from planting it directly into the ground. It requires specialist skills and knowledge. The same goes for rooftop paving. Many roof gardens would not be complete without a terrace or a path to walk on. 

We use bespoke systems for the connection between the vegetation and the rooftop paving, enabling us to install rooftop paving at any height desired. Variations in height are no problem either, nor are ramps and steps. Rooftop paving can be integrated into roof gardens in many different ways. Purpose-designed planters or other partitions can easily be placed against our slabs. And they can sometimes even be placed on the roof slabs themselves.

The right installation

How do you correctly pave drainage? The elevated system creates a cavity underneath the slabs. How do you install lights or cables? Well, you can safely leave it to us. It’s our higher ground, it’s our Roofscape.

“You don’t want to create a beautiful garden to have it surrounded by slapdash paving. The slabs should contribute to the look and feel of the entire garden. A place that residents can be proud of and enjoy being in.”

Reinald van Ommeren
Managing Director of Loohorst Landscaping