Roofing contractor

We are on rooftops every day. Just like you. We’re all masters of our own trades. There’s nothing we can teach you about making a roof watertight, but we would love to share our experience with you about paving a rooftop.

Our own systems

We have paved roofs of all shapes and sizes with our own rooftop paving systems. They are of the highest quality. We have designed them ourselves and we implement them ourselves. This makes us both creators and constructors. We have paved rooftops of all shapes and sizes. We have never ceased to listen and develop.

You lay the basis and we take it from there. The right slabs and the corresponding underlying systems protect the roofing and make it suitable to be walked on. A major advantage of our systems is that they are easy to remove and replace when the roof requires maintenance. And we can supply the proper materials and colours to jointly create roofs of a perfect quality.


We don’t shy away from claiming that we are the number one experts in rooftop paving. We’re not being arrogant. We simply have a lot of experience. A perfect connection, straight cuts and a stable result: that’s what we deliver. A roof we’re proud of. It’s our higher ground, and with good reason.

“From the point of view of water tightness, it is an advantage that the Zoontjens rooftop car park system consists of several layers. There are insulation materials on the waterproofing roof membrane, and then the system with the slabs for the traffic is laid on top of that. This properly protects the watertight membrane against all external influences.”

Koos van Dommelen
Managing Director of DakAlliance