First rooftop terraces completed on Frank Gehry’s tower in Arles

February 11, 2019

On the campus of Parc des Ateliers in Arles in Southern France, a 56 metre-high tower designed by Frank Gehry is currently under construction. Its unusual design reflects the rough mountainous landscape of the region.


The tower will be finished with 8 differently shaped rooftop terraces on different storeys. As with the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris, the expertise of Zoontjens has been called in for the laying of the rooftop terraces.

The client opted for a tailor-made slab. Here, we are working with an 80x45x4.5 cm format slab, with a specially produced coating layer. After a period of testing and approval, we have now started laying out the rooftop terraces.

Project manager Eric Roovers, who visits the project site each week, explained, “This is a remarkable building with equally remarkable rooftop terraces. Two of those rooftop terraces are now almost in place and are looking truly spectacular. Our years of expertise and the experience we acquired at Fondation Louis Vuitton are extremely valuable for this project too!”

La Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris

This project presented Zoontjens with a technical challenge.

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