Dutch modern slaughterhouse has rooftop parking facility

12 August 2015

Westfort is a specialist pork processing company that encompasses the entire processing chain, from purchasing and slaughter via meat processing and processed meat production right through to worldwide delivery to customers of quality meat. At present, work is underway on building a new, sustainable and innovative slaughterhouse on the Over Oudland industrial estate in IJsselstein (The Netherlands), alongside the existing processing facility. As a result, the slaughterhouse, processing area and frozen storage will all be housed at a single location in IJsselstein. The company will have more capacity and thanks to the very latest facilities will be able to work more efficiently, and deliver even higher quality.

To provide parking facilities for the personnel, the company has chosen a rooftop parking system. Zoontjens has been awarded the attractive order for the construction of the Pardak® 110 system including lamppost elements. Work will start at the end of August on laying the roof that will in total occupy more than 5500 m2. According to expectations, the new slaughterhouse will be fully operational by the end of 2015.