Former textile factory becomes retail park with a rooftop car park

30 June 2014

The monumental closed-down textile factory AaBe is very known in the Dutch city Tilburg. In the next few years this building will be completely transformed into a unique retail park. Residents of Tilburg and surrounding areas soon can indulge in all kinds of shops in an area of over 27,000 square meters.

Rijnboutt architects designed the new retail park where as much of the original factory is retained, combined with the needs and requirements of the future retailers.

The new AaBe wants to become the key driver of the commercial future of the area. This aim is supported by the ambition to create many parking places in a nice landscaped public green area. On top of the supermarkets a rooftop car park for 250 cars will be installed. Wijnen Bouw Someren is the constructor and Zoontjens realizes the rooftop parking with the Pardak® 110 system, for a total of over 6200 square meters.