Review of Zoontjens Pardak® car deck system for rooftop car parks

1 November 2016

Pyle Car Park Consultants were appointed to undertake an independent review of Pardak® car deck system for refurbishment of rooftop car parks by way of comparison with other traditional waterproofing methods.

Pyle Car Park Consultants have specialist knowledge and extensive experience in the design, inspection and maintenance of all types of structured car parks. 

The review comprised an evaluation of relevant information and testing reports on Pardak® together with visiting projects of different ages in the United Kingdom and in the Netherlands in order to understand the laying techniques, how the product performs in service and how easy it is to maintain.

Overall, Pyle Car Park Consultants came up with four main conclusions:

  1. Pardak® 110 car deck system is he most cost effective product of waterproofing and draining rooftop car parks. 
  2. It is free draining preventing water from standing on the surface and can easily be adapted to accommodate services and future changes to the parking layout.
  3. Pardak® is relatively fast and uncomplicated to install but its performance can be compromised if not properly maintained. 
  4. For optimum long-term performance of Pardak® it is recommended that Zoontjens are retained to maintain the system.