Rooftop parking at Belgium postal sorting center

1 May 2016

In 2011 the Belgium Post Group, bpost, published a public contract for a new postal sorting center in Brussels. The temporary joint venture Katoennatie, Jan de Nul and Envisan was awarded the task. Architect VK is responsible for the design of the country's largest postal sorting and Willy Naessens Construction will build the new center.

The project counts 60,000 sqm in total and includes a total solution for as well letters as parcel handling in a single building complex. It consists of a sorting center, a mezzanine, an office building and a parking deck.

Zoontjens was assigned to build this car park. As many as 23 218 m² will be installed with the Pardak® 110 system with buffers and speed limiters. The new sorting center will be operational in 2017.

Artist impression: VK