Shopping starts with parking comfortably

7 September 2016

ECE, the European market leader in the development of commercial real estate, recently conducted a study into the importance of the services available in shopping centres. The extensive study shows which services visitors to shopping centres find important, which ones they expect to find there, which ones surprise them, and which ones make their visit unique. The study was conducted among 1,000 visitors of shopping centres in Germany (not only ECE). Six aspects were studied in total, designated as home, arrival, information, shopping, entertainment and departure.

In the study, 84% of visitors indicated that how people arrive at a shopping centre is very important. Half of the visitors come by car which represents some 300 million cars coming to ECE shopping centres every year. No wonder that parking is an important aspect. A pleasant arrival means a good start to a day's shopping. The same applies to leaving from the shopping centre; 80% of respondents state that this is important: they wish to leave the shopping centre quickly and efficiently after shopping.

Our rooftop parking system offers added value to shopping centres. By situating parking facilities on the roof, or on the floor over the stores, no extra room for parking is required around the building and the public can always reach the stores underneath the carpark quickly. This benefits both visitors and tenants. Through Pardak®, we create safe, attractive and sustainable parking facilities for amenities with a high usage intensity and lots of parking actions. We have already implemented this at several shopping centres in Europe to ensure that a pleasant day's shopping starts with parking comfortably.

Read the full report here: ECE MARKET RESEARCH NO. 2/2016: AT YOUR SERVICE: The Importance of Services in Shopping Centers