The zone within 2.5 metres of the roof edge is generally considered to be unsafe. Nevertheless, flat roofs must be accessed quite frequently for inspection and maintenance work to the roof or to service items such as chimneys, satellite dishes, solar panels and façade/window cleaning systems. With an excellent safety system that provides confidence to the user, there is no risk of falling when people work on flat roofs.

The BiboBlock fall arrest system is a permanent fall arrest system for working on flat roofs. The basis of the system is the BiboBlock, a 192‑kg concrete slab, sized 900 x 900 x 110 mm, with an embedded 12 mm thick stainless steel ring. The slab has four integral rubber carriers which may be provided with bituminous adhesive pads, on which the slab is placed on the roof, preventing the roof covering from being penetrated. The multifunctional BiboBlock can be used to install different fall arrest facilities on the roof. Zoontjens delivers the system complete with personal safety equipment such as lanyards and safety harnesses. 

Zoontjens has developed several BiboBlock fall arrest systems to offer appropriate solutions for all situations:

  • With the BiboBlock Anchor System, the user (maximum 1), wearing a safety harness, is secured to a BiboBlock by means of the lanyard.
  • With the BiboBlock Cable System a maximum of two users attach their safety harnesses and lanyards to a permanent horizontal steel cable system, enabling them to access all parts of the roof without having to disconnect their lanyards.
  • The BiboBlock Lifeline System involves a temporary mobile lifeline being attached between two BiboBlocks.