Lamppost elements

To allow the installation of lampposts on a Pardak® 110 parking roof, Zoontjens has developed three different lamppost elements:

  • Utrecht model: This precast concrete element is suitable for standard lampposts. It is the size of four Pardak slabs, laid flush with the surrounding slabs and, as a consequence, represents no rooftop obstacle.
  • Tilburg model: This precast concrete element is suitable for installation of both standard and higher lampposts. The bevelled pyramid shape prevents collision damage with the lamppost and offers space for the dry concealment of cabling. The surface area of this element matches that of a Pardak® 110 slab.
  • Genk model: The only difference between this element and the pyramid-shaped Tilburg model is its bell shape. This model was designed for a client with a preference for elegant, round shapes. Following enthusiastic reactions, the model has been included in the standard range.

    All lamppost elements are seamlessly integrated in the laying plan for the Pardak® 110 system. They are available in any required colour and can be installed during construction of the Pardak® 110 system or subsequently. The facilities cast into the concrete make it possible to simply install lampposts on the elements.


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