Pardak®80 is a new rooftop car parking system designed specifically for renovation or refurbishment projects and lightly trafficked roofs e.g. car dealerships or residential podium decks. For years offices and car distributors have used the roof space for parking. These areas generally have low volumes of traffic and our existing systems have been more than adequate, and continue to be so. However, with the weight and dynamic power of cars increasing, the Pardak®80 system has been developed to cater for these changes.

The Pardak®80 system is a further development of the traditional Pardak® system. In excess of 40 years experience with rooftop car parking and the proven technology of the Pardak®110 system form the basis for the new Pardak®80 system. It consists of a 798x798x80 mm precast concrete slab combined with a pressure distributor pad, crosspiece and tensioning element. The act of tensioning the slab area, improves the stability of the rooftop car park. The Pardak®80 slab is lighter than the Pardak®110 slab, making it ideally suitable for renovation or refurbishment on roofs capable of supporting a lower load.


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