Pardak®110 is the ideal rooftop car park system for small to very large rooftop car parks, with high traffic intensity and numerous parking movements, such as shopping centres, supermarkets and public buildings. The complete system consists of rooftop car park slabs with corner sections, tensioning elements and pressure distributor pads in vulcanised rubber granulate.


The performance requirements for roofs on which vehicles drive, brake, turn and park are strict. Large rooftop car parks must be able to cope with higher speeds and intensive traffic flows. The Pardak®110 slab was specially developed to guarantee even higher stability. This patented system combines pressure distributor pads and corner sections with tensioning elements and large format slabs measuring 1100 x 1100 mm. This not only results in greater stability but also lower contact noise due to fewer joints.


The Pardak® system is ideal when renovating rooftop car parks. Projects can be implemented in phases, resulting in a minimal loss of parking facilities while the work is being carried out. The rooftop car park can be used immediately following installation.

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