height system

Zoontjens adjustable height systems enable rooftop paving to be installed at the height desired. If the underlying layer is uneven or is at a gradient, the walking surface can still be levelled nearly perfectly. This also creates a space under the slabs that can be used to integrate any facilities on the roof and to drain water.

The adjustable height system consists of a continuously adjustable base and two sizes of height adjustment rings. A support element is placed on top of this, depending on the slab to be used. The height of the base can be adjusted by rotating it.

The adjustable height system can be used under any Zoontjens rooftop paving. Depending on the roof paving chosen, a Comfix, Lockplate, Fixplate or Fixplate lock is placed on top. These support elements create a slab surface that is interlinked and/or locked in place.