pedestal system

Zoontjens’ adjustable pedestal systems enables rooftop paving to be installed to any desired height, or even to create a flat level walking surface on some slopping roofs. In addition, a void is created below the slabs that can be used for concealing roof-mounted systems, and through which water can drain.

Pedestal paving system

The adjustable system consists of an adjustable bases and heightening rings in three sizes. A laying plate is then placed on top, depending on the type of slab to be used. The adjustable base is simply twisted to achieve the required height.

Use in combination with all rooftop paving

The adjustable pedestal system can be used in combination with all rooftop paving from Zoontjens. Depending on the rooftop paving type selected a lockplate, a fixplate, a fixplate lock or an edge support disc are fitted on top. Each laying plate, unique and matching the slab, provides a fixed and durable system.

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