Dreen® Ceramica

Dreen®Ceramica is a ceramic-based slab system for rooftop terraces and podium decks. With their origins in Italy, our top-flight ceramic slabs deliver guaranteed quality. The slab offers numerous positive features; as well as being anti-slip, the slabs are consistent pattern, colourfast and wear-resistant, and easily maintained. 

Solid and lightweight
The thickness of just 20 mm and the weight of 46 kg/m² make Dreen®Ceramica an ideal product for the creation and renovation of rooftop terraces, balconies and walkways. Dreen®Ceramica is available in various formats and in a range of colours. Choose from a variety of styles,colours and textures to give your outdoor space a stylish finish.

Straight pattern of joints
Dreen®Ceramica creates a stable and level walking surface. The slabs are attached with the underlying fixplate lock system and removable corner pieces. These elements fix and lock the slabs into position but (if necesary) the waterproofing is still accessible. The system also ensures straight joints between the slabs.