Dreen® NatureGreen

Zoontjens has developed a CO2 neutralising Dreen® slab to make roofs and road surfacing more ecofriendly for parking, working and living.The Dreen Nature Green ® slab is made of olivine, recycled glass, concrete granulate and blast-furnace slags in order both to enable it to neutralise CO2 from the ambient atmosphere and to enable us to produce it in as ecofriendly a manner as possible.

The top layer of Dreen Nature Green® slabs consists of olivine, recycled glass, blast-furnace slags, cement and sand. And because the olive green mineral is mixed with recycled glass, the Dreen® Nature Green slab fits in perfectly with natural environments.

Once again, Zoontjens contributes to a healthier living environment with this Dreen® slab, which has been designed entirely to reduce our impact on the environment around us.


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