Creativity on the roof with patterned slabs. Choose an existing design or create your own!

The Dreen®Design range consists of a series of slabs (60x60x6 cm) that have an unusual bas relief design in their top layer. This range inspires expressive and creative rooftop designs.

Zoontjens teamed up with well-known designer Baukje Trenning to create some initial designs for Dreen®Design. She came up with an attractive series of designs with strong graphic patterns.
These patterns are based on textile structures but instead of being printed, they are three-dimensional, voluminous patterns (think of corduroy and loop pile carpet). In addition to neutral patterns, the collection also features some very outspoken designs. These designs serve to reinforce the character of the various functions of public areas.

Zoontjens’ production technology lends itself well to a pattern that can be fully controlled, a pattern where the exact impression of the mould is shown in the concrete.

Baukje Trenning


How about combining your own idea or design with the production of our slabs? Challenge us with your design!

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