A natural look for your roof terrace and easy maintenance? No problem with Dreen®Elegance.

a stylish roof terrace

A roof terrace is often the extension of the living room and the focal point of outdoor living. With our Dreen®Elegance tile, you can create a stylish and attractive roof terrace. The Dreen®Elegance tile is available in the size 60×60 cm in various colours.


Thanks to its blasted surface, this tile has a slightly rough texture, making it very non-slip. Moreover, this surface gives the tile a very natural look because the natural stone granules are beautifully visible. After blasting, the surface is impregnated, which makes the tile easier to maintain and provides extra protection against limescale deposits.

Easy to install with an adjustable paving support

Installing roof terraces with the unique fixplate lock system creates a stable surface. The tiles are fixed and locked, but the surface remains accessible (if necessary). This element also ensures straight joints. The use of the adjustable pedestal system enables us to raise the slabs and make sure that the surface is level and flat.

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