Cool, spacious and robust. Large slabs for outdoor areas on the roof. Create large surfaces with a minimum number of joints.

100×100 and 80×80
The Dreen®Magna slabs are 6 cm thick and available as 80×80 cm or 100×100 cm. These slabs create large surfaces with a minimum number of joints. The result is a rooftop terrace with clean lines and a spacious look. For heavy loads on the roof, we recommend Dreen®Robusto.

Various colours
Dreen®Magna slabs are available in different colours. Three colours come with a clean top layer of colourfast natural grains. The other two colours come with a top coat in a robust washed-out look. The different colours can be combined endlessly to create trendy outdoor spaces on the roof.

Raising large slabs
We use DNS®Large as the support system to raise and level these large roof slabs. DNS®Large ensures optimum pressure distribution for working with large slabs on rooftops. With its large distribution foot, support disc and DNS® tube, the system guarantees stable fixture for the slabs and clean lines.

Dry roof surface
The application of Hydro-M protects the slabs against efflorescence and makes them easier to clean. In addition, the slabs absorb less water and dry quickly. The outcome is a clean and attractive rooftop terrace. The use of DNS®Large also keeps walking surfaces dry as any water is able to escape through the joints between the slabs.