Dreen® slab

The Dreen®slab is a rooftop terrace slab for all flat roofs that can be walked on. The Dreen®slab and its accompanying system guarantee an attractive and dry rooftop terrace. It ensures even water drainage and combines low weight with high load-bearing capacity.

Stability and water drainage
Dreen®slabs feature lugs under the slabs. We place these lugs on a special Comfix element and lock the slabs in place with a bitumen pad. This ensures that the slabs are stable and cannot slide apart. Water drainage is ensured by grooves at the slab perimeter. The slabs are laid such that a space is created between the slab and the roof surface to enable efficient water drainage. The slabs protect the roof membrane from the effects of wear, and ensure that the roof is ventilated properly and that the surface is always dry.

Unique centre lug
The small 300×300 mm Dreen®slabs have a centre lug that offers extra protection against insulation material and roofing materials being damaged by point loads. The large format Dreen®slabs are sufficiently strong and can do without this centre lug.

Colours and sizes
300x300x35-45 mm Dreen®slabs are suitable for small terraces and loggias. Dreen®slabs of 400x600x60 mm, 500x500x60 mm or 600x600x60 mm are used for large terraces and walkways The Dreen®slabs are available in various different colours and coating layers.

We use our patented DNS® system to install your rooftop paving at the desired height.