Public living roofs, roof gardens or rooftop squares are used intensively. The requirements for the roof paving are therefore strict, especially due to the heavy loads. Drenoliet® is very suitable for this purpose.

Drenoliet® slabs can withstand both heavy static loads (planters and street furniture) and heavy dynamic loads (shopping trolleys and roll cages).

Lock plate
The slabs are laid onto the specially developed lock plate. Recesses at the bottom of the slabs enable the slabs to be fixed to the lock plates, creating a stable and continuous slab surface.

Colours and versions
Drenoliet® slabs are available in various different colours and versions, from standard grey to luxury coating layers in a range of colours. Sizes are available in: 60x60x6 or 60x60x8 cm.

In order to install the rooftop paving at the height required, Drenoliet® can also be combined with DNS®.

The advantages of slabs on a roof terrace.

What do you use to construct a roof terrace? Some advantages of slabs.

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