AaBe Factory, Tilburg, the Netherlands

Rialto Vastgoedontwikkeling recently put out a tender to fully redevelop the former AaBe textiles factory, a well-known building in Tilburg, from an historic industrial complex into a unique retail park. Spread over a floor surface of more than 27,000 m², local people and visitors to Tilburg can find all kinds of stores, from furniture outlets to supermarkets. The first part of the new shopping mall has already been opened and more parts will be handed over in 2015 and 2016.

The new AaBe intends to be the driving force behind the commercial future of the area. This ambition is supported by the ample parking facilities in a beautifully designed green public area. Some 250 parking spaces have also been created on the roofs of the supermarkets. Wijnen Bouw Someren was the general contractor for the project and hired Zoontjens for the rooftop carpark.

In total, we installed over 6,200 m² of rooftop carpark with Pardak® 110. This video shows you how this process worked. We have also installed special lamp post elements and fitted the rooftop carpark with buffer blocks.

Project photography

Project location

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