Heel Europa, Purmerend, The Netherlands

Wooncompagnie recently gave VMX Architects the assignment to design the new Heel Europa residential care complex in Purmerend. The project is divided into a two-storey low-rise block and a high-rise block of more than ten storeys, incorporating many different types of flats. The ground floor also houses several amenities, such as a grand café, a hairdresser, a bicycle repair shop and a children's nursery.

Parking on the roof
VMX Architects chose to situate the parking facilities on the roof of the low-rise block. Not only is this less expensive than an underground car park, but parking on the roof also feels friendlier than parking in a dark environment, tucked away under the building. They also wanted to optimise the accessibility for those residents who need care. As a result, the ramp to the rooftop carpark passes through the entire building, thus making it easier for them to be collected from, or dropped off at, the front door of their house by car or bus.

Minimising noise nuisance
Smit's Bouwbedrijf Beverwijk was the general contractor for the project and engaged the services of Zoontjens to build the rooftop carpark. More than 3,600 m2 of parking facilities were installed using the Pardak®110 system. This choice was mainly based on Wooncompagnie's requirement that any noise nuisance in the flats under the carpark should be minimised. Two different colours were chosen to distinguish between the actual road and the parking bays.

Project photography

Project location

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