Nolenshaghe nursing home, The Hague, The Netherlands

The new building of one of the nursing homes operated by Saffier de Residentiegroep on the Mgr. Nolenslaan in The Hague comprises a compact and sustainable building geared specifically to the living experience of the residents. The building, based on a design by Jorissen Simonetti Architecten, comprises eight storeys: the underground car park, the ground floor and six further levels. Within the plan, residential space is raised above the public space and only starts on the second floor.

Accommodation is provided in small-scale residential groups of 7 to 8 residents, with sufficient space for privacy. There are shared living rooms in each group, and semi-public meeting spaces on the ground floor and in the garden. The U-shaped ground plan creates a ‘horseshoe’ with a protected and sunny private rooftop terrace on the southern aspect. For this rooftop terrace area, located above the underground car park, the material chosen was Drenoliet®, mounted on the DNS® system, in the refreshing, sunny colour ‘ginger’. The design of the terrace with flower containers and a greenhouse adds a new dimension to the living experience of the residents. The entrance roof to the building is finished with Pardak®60, also in ginger, for ambulance access.

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