Place Vendôme, Zwolle, The Netherlands

The architect at Architekten Cie who designed the Place Vendôme sought inspiration in the architecture and nature of France. The entrance to Place Vendôme is made up of angled leading edges.

The project’s character will be defined by the extensive use of ‘green’ plants and high-end fittings. The buildings have been planted with Virginia creeper, a plant that creates a characteristic entrance and underlines the green quality of the location. For taxis and visitors, the drop-off point has been integrated within the carefully landscaped level. Every element of the complex has been harmonised, in consultation with the architect. The underground level, the facades and the planters all match in terms of colour and image.

As part of this project, Zoontjens created the inner courtyard. As well as using Pardak® 90 slabs, the architect himself suggested use of the 90x90 Dreen® Design slabs. The colour of these slabs has been matched to the colour of the flower planters. The overall atmosphere and look have created a pleasant working environment.

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