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In late 2022, Zoontjens started the phased renovation of the rooftop carpark of the Performance Factory on the Hoge Bothofstraat in Enschede, The Netherlands. The renovation is needed to prepare the rooftop carpark for the future. Work will be completed by the summer.

Renovation of rooftop carpark

The carpark on top of Gebouw Oost is owned by Housing Association Domijn. Its location close to the city centre ensures high-intensity use. Occupying more than 7000 m2, the carpark offers space for more than 300 cars.
After decades of use, the roof panels are starting to show their age. The existing roof system is no longer up to standard. High time for a renovation.

High-intensity use

Zoontjens is re-installing the rooftop carpark in Enschede on behalf of Betonrestore. For this project, the Pardak®110 slab was used.

The Pardak®110 is a concrete slab for intensively used rooftop carparks, with regular vehicle movements. The system with tensioning element not only guarantees high stability, but also less contact noise.

In use during renovation

The building below the rooftop carpark houses a variety of organisations and entertainment companies. It is important to these companies that their customers can continue to park during the renovation work.
This wish will be taken into account throughout the renovation period. During almost every phase of the work, part of the rooftop carpark will still be available for use.

Modular parking system

Pardak® is a modular and removable system of slabs, specially designed and produced for rooftop parking.
The Pardak® system can be installed on every conceivable roof close to locations with high visitor numbers such as airports, museums, shopping centres and office buildings.

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