Photo’s: Patrick van Gestel / ACH Bouw

Nearly 90 Years Old. That’s How Old the Well-Known and Beloved Fierens Blocks in Antwerp Are.* But decay, vacancy, and neglect had put the complex on the brink of demolition. That fate was avoided with a plan for restoration, renovation, expansion, and renewal, including stunning green rooftop terraces!

Complete transformation

Property manager AG Vespa decided to transform the complex into a modern and comfortable residential building. Architects Molenaar & Co and Happel Cornelisse Verhoeven created the winning plan, and ACH Bouw carried out the construction work. The 205 social housing units were converted into 117 larger apartments, 4 retail spaces, and various communal facilities, including a laundry room, multifunctional hall, underground bicycle storage, and rooftop gardens with terraces.


On the roof, the architects created a beautiful combination of terraces and greenery. Three-quarters of the roof area is finished as a green roof, part of which is an intensive green roof atop a retention system for water buffering. The rest are rooftop terraces. Open pergolas were placed between the stair volumes and a walkway runs along the outer edge of the roof. This multifunctional use makes a significant contribution to the network of green stepping stones in the neighborhood, which is a key initiative for Antwerp’s climate resilience strategy.


For the construction of the rooftop terraces, Dreen®Ceramica from Zoontjens was chosen. With the accompanying fixplate lock system, owners and residents are assured of a stable rooftop terrace, even at this height. We used the 90×45 format in the color Brave Grey. Together with the greenery, these are wonderful places to relax and enjoy the view.