Hart van

The town centre of ’s-Gravenzande has undergone a true metamorphosis. BPD commissioned Boele & van Eesteren to tear down the existing shops and replace them with new buildings designed by RPHS+, and to renovate some historical buildings.

This has led to ‘Hart van ‘s-Gravenzande’, a new shopping heart with existing and new shops, pubs and restaurants, well over 200 parking slots for the visitors to the shopping centre, and some 100 apartments over the shops, also with their own parking. This has all been divided into two blocks, connected by an attractive shopping street.

The plan provides for good parking facilities: both shopping blocks feature car parks on the first floor, interconnected by a bridge. The parking facilities on the west side are on the roof of the shops and have been constructed using Pardak®110. Here we have installed a total of 1895 m², which makes for more than 80 parking slots. The rooftop terraces of the apartments also feature Zoontjens products; nearly all the terraces have been constructed using Dreen®slabs.

Sketch: BPD