des Confluences

Musée des Confluences, in the south of Lyon was built in 2014. The building is part of Lyon Confluence: a redevelopment of the area where two rivers in the city come together. A new sustainable neighbourhood for living, working and culture has been created.

The new, distinctive museum, which is dedicated to science, people and society, was designed by Coop Himmelb(l)au. Zoontjens was approached for the rooftop terrace which is 40 meters high, with a stunning view of the city.

Together with the architect and building constructor, Zoontjens has produced special tiles in the size 1000x5000x100mm. These tiles weigh 117 kg per tile and are able to withstand the heavy wind forces at this level. The tiles are installed with DNS®Large a levelling system for large format tiles. The total rooftop system ensures an even pressure distribution of the heavy tiles and ensures a flat and stable rooftop.