of Leicester

A new, level paved surface with efficient drainage was required for the University concourse to replace wornout paving stones that followed site contours. The project had to be undertaken during the 2005 summer holiday recess.

Zoontjens’ Dreen® slabs were chosen to cope with heavy pedestrian traffic. Zoontjens’ adjustable height system accurately locates and supports the slabs, and provides a completely level walking surface over areas with falls. Other areas were overlaid with Zoontjens’ fixed height system. Colour was an important consideration in the design of the concourse, with the intention of complementing its natural setting. Therefore the main routes through the concourse were articulated in ‘spring green’, as were surrounds to trees and planters, whilst the main body of paving was finished in ‘tropical yellow’.

Case study

Dreen®slabs were chosen to cope with heavy pedestrian traffic.

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