Rotterdam-Rijnmond Police Veilingweg complex, The Netherlands

The Veilingweg complex alongside the A20 motorway in Rotterdam, in use by the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Police, has undergone major expansion and renovation. The approx. 34,800 m² complex, designed by architects Cepezed, includes office, archive and storage space, a large canteen and an auditorium. The complex also houses parking facilities and workshops for the fleet of police vehicles, as well as police sport and training centres.

Sustainability was a key element in the development of the complex. The buildings can be flexibly laid out and expanded, and the use of stacking and multiple land use have made it possible to create additional green zones on the site.

The location is in an area for which proposals were made for new developments in the ‘Urban Vision for Rotterdam, spatial development strategy 2030’. This vision lays down the outlines for the creation of an attractive residential city. To create more space for green areas, limited space has been made available around the building for parking facilities. For that reason, the decision was taken to install a parking roof based on the sustainable Pardak®110 system for the parking spaces that had to be included in the building. The parking roof was produced in two shades of grey.

A special version of the Utrecht model lamppost element was produced for this project. In this model, the lampposts need not necessarily be installed in the middle of the element, thereby saving space in the overall layout of the parking roof.

The enclosed photographs were taken before the parking roof officially went into use.

Project photography

Project location

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