Suzuki Kees Balvert, The Hague, The Netherlands

Suzuki Kees Balvert is the official Suzuki dealer for the Dutch regions of Westland and Haaglanden, and has branches in Monster and The Hague. In 2015, the branch in The Hague moved to new premises at a high-visibility location near the A12 motorway, which is easier to reach for its customers in the northern and eastern parts of The Hague.

The new premises features a large two-storey showroom, with a workshop at the back and a rooftop carpark over the workshop. The rooftop carpark was constructed using Zoontjens Pardak® 80. This rooftop carpark system was especially developed for low-traffic intensity roofs, as is the case here, creating extra space to park the cars without having to utilise additional space around the premises.

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