The Wall, Utrecht, The Netherlands

The Wall, a futuristic combination of noise-abatement barrier and multifunctional building, offers an experience of large-scale retail outlets, restaurant and catering facilities and leisure. This unique project along the A2 motorway at Utrecht, and is the object of worldwide attention.

The Wall was designed as a single building, to ensure the same strong identity and feel when seen from the residential district (the entrance side) and the motorway side. Plenty of windows have been included in the façade on the A2 motorway side offering passing drivers a glance of the activities taking place inside the building. The functions of the The Wall also contribute to the expression and liveliness of the building: it houses retail outlets and offers parking space for 1700 vehicles on the roof. The cars reach the roof via ramps with a clear visual impact. As a consequence, the parking function is not concealed but instead is made an integral component of the architecture and the overall building experience.

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