Dreen® Slab

Zoontjens Dreen® Slab system is a high quality rooftop paving system developed specifically for flat roofs.

The Dreen® Slab combines attractive appearance and trouble-free rainwater disposal with great strength and structural stability. Once installed they have an integral rigidity which means they cannot move or distort. 

The Dreen® Slab rooftop paving system is incredibly flexible in application. You decide the visual effect you want and it can accommodate your requirements. The slabs themselves are designed to engage firmly together while allowing a free flow of drainage beneath.

Key benefits

  • Transforms otherwise wasted flat roof areas into usable pedestrian space.
  • Exceptionally strong, totally secure paving systems that can never shift or distort.
  • Corners of slabs are butted and supported on unique Comfix locking discs in a way that completely eliminates the possibility of horizontal displacement.
  • Slots at the slab perimeter ensure effective drainage without ponding.
  • Slab profiles are specially designed for maximum strength and stability, while allowing free flow of water beneath. 
  • Protects the roof membrane from damage and the effects of weather.
  • Ideal for use on inverted roofs – Dreen® Slabs provide adequate restraint on loose laid insulation. 
  • Systems available for fixed, or adjustable slab height and levelling.
  • Rooftop services can be accommodated and concealed beneath adjustable  height systems.
  • Slabs can be easily removed for roof access or maintenance.


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