As a company, we want to be socially responsible by committing ourselves to a clean, healthy future for people, the environment and society!

ISO 26000

Zoontjens had an analysis made of how socially responsible the company is according to the worldwide ISO 26000 standard. This standard contains internationally agreed definitions, principles and core themes concerning CSR and provides guidance on how to implement CSR. Certification to the ISO 26000 standard is not possible; its implementation is voluntary.
That is why we asked the Dutch BMD Advies Zuid-Nederland consultancy firm to analyse our performance in terms of the six core themes in ISO 26000. We were found to be proactive on all key areas that apply to us.


We helped lay the basis for football teams for those with special needs in Tilburg some 25 years ago when we started sponsoring their newly set up special needs teams and we have sponsored them ever since. These teams consist of players with physical and/or mental disabilities. Our sponsorship includes paying for their football kits, tracksuits and bags. We are also the main sponsor of their annual indoor football tournament.

Statutory standards

It is clear that sustainability was, is and will continue to be an important issue. That’s why we keep making our processes and systems more sustainable, in keeping with various statutory standards (ISO standards). We comply with all the environmental laws and regulations relevant to our industry and have developed an environmental management system to keep improving our performance in these areas wherever possible. We also hold an MRPI certificate for the Pardak®110 system. MRPI certification reflects the environmental profile of a product and provides open access to the processes by which the product is made. Additional advantage: The Pardak® system furthermore has a proven service life of at least 30 years, if maintained properly.

Like-minded partners

In addition to creating new applications and products, we also look for partnerships. Rather than reinventing the wheel ourselves, we can work together with parties that share our ambitions. That’s why we regularly meet with DGBC, NL Green Label and the Nationaal Daken Plan (formerly Green Deal Groen Daken).