Rooftop car parking

Our Pardak® rooftop car park system turns rooftops into parking facilities. Pardak® is a modular and removable slab system that was specifically developed and produced for rooftop car parking.


Taking cars up onto the roof. For many locations, this is the optimum use of the available space. Urbanisation and the accompanying scarcity of space require ever smarter solutions for good parking facilities. Rooftop car parking has become an indispensable element of buildings where an efficient parking solution is opted for.


Rooftop car parking using the Pardak® system can be installed anywhere. At airports, museums, shopping malls, housing complexes, office buildings. Where space is scarce and land is relatively costly, rooftop car parking offers real advantages. It is the ideal solution for combining functionality and comfortable living in a residential and shopping complex. In the case of logistics buildings, rooftop car parking offers a safe way of separating freight and passenger traffic. Rooftop car parking requires less space, leaves more room for greenery, gives a look and feel of peace and quiet around the building, and offers parking close by. Ever more rooftop car parking facilities in the Netherlands and internationally – including some of the largest rooftop car parks in Europe – are constructed with Zoontjens’ Pardak® system. Durable, safe and offering limitless possibilities.


Rooftop carparks on which vehicles drive, brake, turn and park have to fulfil strict performance requirements. Pardak® by Zoontjens is the number one modular slab system for rooftop car parking. The removable Pardak® system has been designed to absorb any movement of the substructure, spread forces when cars drive on it, reduce contact noise and optimise water drainage. And any maintenance or other work activities can be carried out quite easily. The Pardak® system is available in three types. For normal, intensive, or heavy traffic on the rooftop car park.

  • Pardak®80 is specifically intended for renovated roofs or for rooftop car parks with low traffic intensity such as office buildings or car dealerships.
  • Pardak®110 is suitable for rooftop car parks with high traffic intensity and many parking manoeuvres such as large supermarkets or shopping centres.
  • Pardak®XL was developed for rooftop car parks which should also be accessible to heavy traffic such as ambulances and fire engines.


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