Zoontjens is a rooftop specialist. We create paved rooftops of all shapes and sizes using our own systems. We design and implement them ourselves. Zoontjens has a solution for any roof. Sustainable, durable and of the highest quality.


Zoontjens’ slab systems for flat roofs have given the company an impressive track record. They are designed to ensure a stable and durable roof surface at all times. Regardless of whether it is for walking on, working on, parking or recreation. Each slab has its own system. Exactly fitting onto, in and with each other. Easy to install, disconnect, remove, place back or reuse. Our slab systems are real feats of engineering. And that makes us proud.


Rooftop slab systems enable a stable, flat and dry surface to be created on roofs. A good system ensures that the rooftop paving is stable, cannot shift either horizontally or vertically, and that there is space under the slabs to enable any water to drain away. This is exactly how our roof slab systems work. And they can be lifted up at any time, keeping the surface under them accessible, if necessary. Not only does this create a great looking rooftop terrace, but also one that will last for years.


Space is becoming ever scarcer, land is expensive and there is a need for more green areas and vegetation. So where to park then? Try looking up! The possibilities on roofs are endless. Pardak® by Zoontjens is the number one modular slab system for rooftop car parking. Rooftop car parks with Pardak® can be found in many different locations. At airports, museums, shopping malls, housing complexes, office buildings or distribution centres. Wherever space is scarce and land is relatively costly, rooftop car parking offers real advantages. Ever more rooftop car parking facilities in the Netherlands and internationally are being constructed with Zoontjens’ Pardak® system.


On flat roofs, the zone within four metres of the roof edge is considered to be unsafe. A good safety system is therefore necessary, as well as being a legal requirement. Even if a roof is not used for living on or for parking, it should always be safely accessible for activities such as inspection or maintenance. Zoontjens’ BiboBlock fall arrest system guarantees this safe working environment at height, together with the matching efficiency. This is a permanent fall arrest system for people working on flat roofs and the only system that can be implemented without the need to penetrate through the roof structure.