Converting an existing roof into a rooftop car park? Renovating a rooftop car park? A rooftop car park with little traffic? The Pardak®80 rooftop car park system is ideal for this. This is a further development of the Pardak® system, especially for renovated or refurbished roofs and those with light traffic.

The Pardak®80 system is based on the technology of the proven Pardak®110 system. Pardak®80 consists of a 798x798x80 mm slab combined with a pressure distributor pad, crosspiece and tensioning element. Tensioning the slab area increases the stability of the rooftop car park.


The Pardak®80 slab is lighter than the Pardak®110 slab, making it ideally suitable for renovating roofs with a relatively low weight capacity.

Such a modular system makes a great contribution to minimising maintenance costs.

Koos van Dommelen
Director at dakAlliance

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