Rooftop car parks

Pardak® from Zoontjens is a parking solution to make it possible to convert roofs into parking facilities. Pardak® is a removable system for rooftop car parking, based on concrete slabs. The system absorbs movements in the substructure, distributes the forces during vehicle movement, reduces contact noise and guarantees optimum rainwater discharge. It is no surprise that the largest national and international rooftop parking facilities installed over the last few years have made use of the Pardak® system from Zoontjens.

Modular system
The performance requirements imposed on any roof on which cars drive, brake, turn and park are high. It all starts with initial construction. The roof must be made watertight as quickly as possible, while work still has to be carried out on the roof. With that in mind, immediately following completion of the carcass, the roof is protected with the Pardak® slabs. The system is modular, enabling the laying process to tie in perfectly with the overall construction flow. The unique aspect of this parking solution is that it is subsequently removable: as soon as any work has to be undertaken on the roof surface, the individual slabs can be simply removed, without damage.

Different types of rooftop car park surfaces
The Pardak® system comes in different types, providing just the right solutions for light, normal or heavy traffic use.

  • Pardak®80 for renovation or refurbishment projects and lightly trafficked roofs
  • Pardak®110 for businesses and shopping centres with high intensity of use and regular parking movements
  • Pardak®XL for businesses and shopping centres with heavy goods traffic