Panoramic roof terrace Docks Bruxsel Belgium

16 May 2016

Docks Bruxsel is a Shopping District located in the Canal Zone in the capital of Belgium. The global project of 56,000 sq.m. offers a unique urban experience combining leisure activities with shops, food, culture and entertainment. The project is a sustainable development, designed by Art & Build, that marks the launch of the revival of a formerly abandoned city area, being at the heart of it.  The pedestrian spaces are broad and spectacular and have been designed to create visual surprises at various points for example an events venue with a panoramic roof terrace of over 2000 sq.m. This terrace is installed by Zoontjens with a roof paving system of large Dreen® Magna slabs on DNS®Large.  Industrial-type materials, like this system, were chosen because it preserves the character of the site's industrial past .