Renovation and expansion of parking roof at Karstadt Norderstedt

14 January 2014

The parking roof of the Karstadt shopping centre in the German city of Norderstedt, that occupies almost 6,700 m² of roof space, was previously renovated by Zoontjens, in 1999. At that time, a poured concrete roof was replaced with the Pardak® 90 system. In 2013, the decision was taken to fully renovate and extend the building. The new owners once again opted for the tried and tested system from Zoontjens for the parking area on the roof.

During the renovation work, the existing Pardak® 90 slabs were removed from the roof in phases, and put in storage. A new roof covering was applied, after which the slabs were reinstalled with new tensioning elements. This operational approach meant that the parking roof remained in continuous use, with very little disturbance.

The roof of the building extension, that occupies approx. 1250 m², will be fitted with the optimised Pardak® 110 system in spring 2014.