Rooftop car park for future residents Soho District Utrecht (NL)

26 June 2014

In the west of the Dutch city Utrecht, four buildings with 139 apartments and approximately 6,000 square meters of commercial space are under construction. This so called Soho District is designed by architects van Mourik. The plan should provide a major boost to the quality of living and working in this district. The base of the plan is a total restructuring and upgrade of the existing area.

The four apartment buildings (Archer, Bridle, Coventry and Denman) with shops at the parterre, are located on opposite sides of a newly realized square with green and parking space. Shoppers and visitors can park here. Future residents can park their car in a closed parking deck above the shops, adjacent to the rear of the apartments of the Archer building.

JP van Eesteren is the constructor of the overall project. Zoontjens realizes, commissioned by Oranjedak, the rooftop car park with her Pardak® 110 system. More than 3,700 square meters will be installed with Pardak® tiles in colour Breccia Nero. A walkway will be made by the use of Drenoliet® and DNS®. The parking deck will be finished before the construction holiday. The total construction plan will run until 2015. 

Artist impression: